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Getting links to your site? Building link popularity

I am into this website world since 2 years now :) I started as a complete amateur. Now, I have many websites and have a descent income through them. I do not consider myself professional in this field, but still I know I have done good in this field.

Building links to your site is the ONE most important way to boost your rankings and I know you are already knowing that ;)

The key to good rankings is to get VARIETY of links to your site. Let me repeat it again, variety of links is utmost important factor to get you good rankings.

Here is what you should do (tips to get links):

  • Participate in simple reciprocal link exchanges. (you may already be doing that) These sites will help you in the process:
    • LinkMarket
    • LinkMetro
    • LinkAlizer
      (if you know of some other good sites such as these, submit them using the form below on this page)
      Recommended software to find more link partners (save tons of your time):
    • SEO Elite - it is a MUST HAVE! If you are not nuts, you will definitely cover your investment into this product within a few weeks, it is saving me a LOADS of time.
  • Participate in link exchanges from content pages. (ask the webmasters to link you from "content pages" rather than "link pages")
  • Also, if possible try getting links from the homepage of other sites. (chances are good if the site is relatively new)
  • If you have more than one site you can go for 3-way (or triangular) link exchanges. Say you have 2 sites - site A and site B. In a 3-way link exchange you will get a link to site A and in return you will link back from site B. Both sites should be quality sites so the webmaster you are exchanging links with should not feel that you are trying to make a fool of him/her. (if the other webmaster has also 2 sites, you may go into 4-way link exchange (i think you have already guessed what is a 4-way link exchange))

    TIP 1: When contacting (or replying) to other webmasters for link exchange, consider various options for link exchange like getting links to your inside pages and those told above.

TIP 2: Don't tell all of your websites (if you have 5-6) to the webmasters simultaneously. That looks spammish. Instead suggest them good offers (different kind of link exchanges) so it may sound interesting to them.

TIP 3: In case you have forgotten, get links with quality sites. Quality is more important than quantity.

  • Prepare good articles and submit your articles to various article directories. It will get you free one-way links from content pages to your site and is a very good factor to make your site authority in your field. Here are some article directories to start with:
  • Get a BLOG, and post regularly. After 2-3 months, submit your blog to various blog directories. *NEW* (Ofcourse, 'ping' your blog after every post using to get SEs' robots quickly)
  • You may join the following ad networks to get some instant non-reciprocal links to your site (highly recommended):
    • Ad Network 1 - gives random links to your site - really good for msn/yahoo, specially for msn, it ROCKS! I achieved no. 1 ranking for a very good keyword (13000+ searches daily) on msn very quickly.
    • Ad Network 2 - gives static links to your site - relatively new network - specially good for google!
    (setting up these ad networks can take a little time, but it is REALLY worth the effort!)
  • Finally, you may explore the whole market for buying text links. A paid but easy way to boost your link popularity. You may start from these places:


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