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What is a 3 way link exchange?

You have two sites - "A" and "B". Linking partner has one site "C" . If "C" links to "A" and in return, "B" links to "C", it is called 3-way link exchange.

What is a parallel link exchange?

You have two sites - "A" and "B". Linking partner has also two sites "C" & "D". If "C" links to "A" and in return "B" links to "D", it is called parallel link exchange.

Is a 3-way and one-way link different?

Yes, in a one-way link you don't have to link to any site. Just the other person links to you. These are the best links you can get.

How can I get a one-way link?

  • Build some kickass content or some helpful tool or some innovative idea so that other people links to you automatically. (Most recommended)
  • Submit your article to various article directories.
  • Submit your site to various web directories.
  • Buy links (you got to be careful with that).

What is an Article Exchange?

Instead of giving your link information, you give your article to the other webmaster with your links embedded in content. And the other webmaster puts that article on his website. And you do the same. They are much more beneficial as SEs love links from in-between content rather than link pages. Article exchanging is the future I guess.

A Tip while exchanging links

You must be very creative when you are hunting for link partners. Widen your outlook, and try to get links from different pages on the websites rather than only link pages. Look for getting links from blogs, content pages, homepage etc.

Why submit here?

  • Well, the site is just getting started. But as it grows, you can easily find sites that participate in different kinds of link exchanges to help you stay 'natural' in the eyes of search engines and in turn get you better rankings. Simple... isn't it?
  • Submitting your site here gives you a sweet one-way link ;) (but the real reason to submit your site here lies in the first point.)

If you have any further questions, please use the feedback form, and I will love to answer them for you.


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